Winter Fashion Trends 2011

Woollen jumpers. Big, over sized warm jumpers look amazing for winter, they go with anything and can change the whole look of an outfit. Patterns in the knit looks great, like cable-knit. White, black, maroon/red, mustard, cream, army green and navy jumpers look the best in my opinion. 

Turtle necks. At this point you may be thinking ‘what is she on about?’, but turtle necks are going to make a comeback this winter. It’s all about wearing it ‘sexy’. It will just depend on how you wear it, mix it up. Try different colours and textures, who knows what could work.

High collars. Practical for the winter weather but also a great fashion statement. All different materials can work for this look, leather, fur, or cotton.

Maxi dresses and skirts. Definitely one on my favourite trends for this winter, I have already picked one up and it’s still summer. Very versatile, pair with a cable knit jumper, or a slogan tee. This look is very feminine and is flattering on most figures.

Ponchos. They're making a comeback. To be honest all I can think about is Ugly Betty in that hideous rag she called a poncho. But never the less, you can really find some great looking ones that can be paired with a thin leather belt. It’s not easy to pull off, you’ll have to get creative with this one.

Wide pants. Absolutely adore this style, wouldn’t mind picking up a pair for myself. When I say ‘wide’ I mean ‘wide’, these pants can work with most things, either monotone colours or be daring and go bright, it can make an outfit.

Thigh high boots. Really goes with a lot, jeans, dresses, skirts, you name it. Not only fashionable but will keep you toastie warm in Winter. Might get a pair myself.

Gloves. Gloves can make any outfit that much more stylish. Leather and lace will go with most outfits, or if you're more for comfort, what about a pair of woollen gloves?

Leggings. Not much of a fan because you really need nice legs to pull them off as pants, but if your luckier enough to have a great figure they can be really flattering with tunic tops, or long cardigans. Mix them up with patterns and different textures. Keep in mind that they hug EVERY flaw you have.

Hats. I am planning on buying 7 hats for a Winter, one for each day of the week. The ladies fedora hat is a big accessory for this winter.

Jeans. Any colour jean, but make sure you find the right fit. Nothing worse than having bagging jeans around your waist or if they're too long, they look ridiculous.

Pumps. They're back, and you know you love them. Pair them with anything and make an outfit stand out.

Dresses. Shirt dresses seem to be popular this Winter season, already have one coming in the mail. Also dresses that are below the knee but not long enough to be a maxi look great for Winter.

Blouses. Never can have enough this Winter. The see-through/mesh blouse looks great with a cute bra or cropped bar/top.

Fur jackets. Oh my, how I’m craving a leopard print coat this winter. Great with leggings, tights, jeans, skirts and over dresses. Probably a statement piece you could lash out on. Also brown and black fur coats look amazing. Please keep to fur faux. I’m definitely one who’s against animal cruelty.

Fur vest. I think that these are more practical then a fur coat for winter leading to spring, because they are not as heavy and you wont always have to take it off if you’re inside. These vest will go with most wardrobes, and are a great statement piece for over jeans, dresses or a skirt.

Patterned tights. Love love love patterned tights, especially little ones with hearts, polka dots and bows, also looks cool if you wear a pair of over-the-knee or knee-high socks, or even normal socks.

Some of my inspiration for my personal style
  • Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen
  • Abbey Lee Kershaw
  • Isabel Lucas
  • Atlanta De Cadenet
  • Jessie Jo           
Some of my favourite stores:
  • Sportsgirl
  • Sass & Bide
  • Urban Outfitters
  • Topshop 

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