A shopaholic's winter wadrobe..

With winter coming up it's only naturally to splurge here and there (or in my case everywhere) to ensure you're well prepared for the cooler season. My winter shopping is no where near the level I'd like it to be, after all, there are 92 days of winter and surely I can't be expected to wear the same thing more then a couple of times.  Having a few different key pieces in your closet allows for mix'n'matching, throw in a bit of khaki with this season's neutral colours and you'll be guaranteed a hit every time.

Here are a few of the most recent additions to my winter wardrobe:

I'm embracing the Military trend with these babies. Sass & Bide "The Revolution" Jeans (Khaki), they will definitely be a repeat offender this autumn/winter. 

Cream Knit Jumper from Sportsgirl. Couldn't find a picture of the jumper but this one from Missselfridge.com is very similiar in style. My one is cut on an angle so it falls off one shoulder and it is a much chunkier knit. Perfect combination of trend and comfort. 
My staple Uni flats with cream lace up rear and leather frill from Tony Bianco. I purchased the black pair with cream frill and lace. Perfect for those everyday long walks, comfy yet trendy. Definitely an item that brings in a lot of compliments. 

Couldn't walk past this Mimco "Riley Doc" Bag without giving into temptation. It is tailored & clean, reminiscent of old school days of white slacks & little blazers. It's already been on numerous trips with me; a practical and faithful companion. 

Holey Knit Jumper like this one but in a mustard/brown colour. The gabs between the knits are much further apart, I admit not very practical but it's one of those intricate pieces you can't walk past and not notice. Not to mention the colour/knit combination is to-die-for

Another Mimco purchase, this time a statement necklace. Can't get enough of these beauties and no one does statement jewellery better then Mimco. This particular piece is a large aluminium silver plated rounded curb chain with chunky glass barrel beads with silver plated clear crystal studded interlocking rhondelles as the front and centre piece. It looks amazing on, great accessory to dress up a LBD or accentuate a strapless neckline.

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